Membership of the Society is open to all who are interested in Anglo-Catholic history.

Members receive printed copies of each lecture given during the year and the opportunity to purchase all publications at a reduced rate. From time to time, the Society issues shorter historical papers in card-bound booklets; a complimentary copy of each will be distributed to all members.

The current rates of subscription are:

Applicants resident in the UK and Europe £20.00

Applicants resident outside Europe £35 (for mailings by airmail) or £30 (for mailings by surface mail)

To join the Society (applicants with a UK bank account):

1. Set up a standing order (or instruct your bank to set up a standing order) for the correct amount. The payee should be: Anglo-Catholic History Society (sort code 09-01-55, account no. 06043088, reference ‘ACHS sub’).  The date of the first payment should be in January (if joining in a different month, it should be the following January).

 2. Email the Treasurer giving your name and address, informing him that you wish to join and that a standing order has been set up, and indicating the account name (if different from your surname), the amount, and the date of first payment).

Applicants without a UK bank account, or whose UK bank account does not offer a standing order facility, should email the Treasurer to discuss means of payment. (This may be Paypal – especially for overseas members, cheque, or one-off bank transfer.)